Hello, dear readers of this post. This is a small(ish) introduction to explain why I started this blog, as well as why I have chosen this particular theme of positivity. Of course, I do intend to deviate now and then from my main purpose, but I mainly wish to stick to writing things to help people feel better about themselves. With no further ado, let me start:

I have been depressed for many years and finally started going for counselling less than a year ago. I have been drawing since childhood, and yes, I am not the best artist, but any love I had for my art and any appreciation I could feel for it was destroyed by a cyber bully who targeted me when I was already in a bad state in my life, on top of which I faced bullying in school and had no friends. As a result, I basically was in hell for a while, but after 11th grade, I finally made a bunch of friends and realised all of them were as miserable, if not more miserable than I was. I tried to be a support to them and be there for them, but I am not sure how good of a job I have done. I just tried to help, which is all I can currently do.

After joining college last year, however, I realised the majority of people in this world, or at least in my acquaintance, had problems that caused them to be depressed or feel lonely. I know people who used to harm or continue to harm themselves, people who are on medication for depression, people in abusive relationships/homes, and basically people who are going through so much misery that we need to applaud them for being so brave and continuining to hold on and fight despite whatever they have been through. I am sure there are many in the world like them, which is why I decided to create this blog.

I want to write things that give people the courage and confidence to hold on, no matter how presumptious or arrogant this may seem. I want people to know that there are others looking out for them, that they are not alone. I want to write things that give people happiness and positivity, no matter how temporary it may be. I want people to know that no matter how big their problems are, their lives are more important…our lives are more important, and we need to put our own selves above everything else, rather than sacrificing our mental health by giving into the obstacles that block our way. (Yes it sounds cheesy and like I am being pretentious, but this is what I genuinely feel, so to all those who feel I am just trying to make a show of myself to gain views or something, kindly redirect yourselves to another blog. No one is compelling you to read this.)

I genuinely hope that this blog helps the people who read it. I can only speak from my own experiences and a bit from what the people around me have told me, as well as things I have read here and there. No more. My writing is also in no way objective, and shall be fairly opinionated, as it is my philosophies I shall be sharing. Also, I do not have a complete understanding of a lot of situations, so if I seem a bit insensitive anywhere, do point it out so I can fix my errors!

Thank you for reading this! (I hope I did not sound too self-centred! Sorry if I did!)